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Rec Club Rules

Please act responsibly and respect our facilities and your fellow members & players at all times. We have a no idiots policy, please use your common sense.

  • No Foul and abusive language directed at officials staff members, other player's or spectators.

  • Rough, dangerous or unsportsmanlike behaviour on the playing field/court.

  • Striking another player, spectator or staff member.

  • Fighting - either on or off playing area.

  • Forfeiting (2) games during a season.

  • Player registration fees overdue by more than (14) days.

  • Sneaking past reception because you have outstanding fees.

  • Don’t hang from nets you aren’t spiderman

  • The official’s word is final. Please don’t argue, it won’t curry any favours.

  • No smoking, No alcohol to be brought onto premises.

  • No food or drinks permitted on courts

The Rec Club holds the right to ban without warning, any player(s) or team(s) from participating in competitions or classes at the Club.

No Refunds will be given to player's that have paid registration fees and are banned from the centre, or themselves choose not to complete the season.

No Refunds will be given for games that have been played or payments that have been paid prior to a team or player's dismissal from a competition.

Our full code of conduct can be read here
Each Sport has it’s own set of rules, which you can find under our Sports pages.

  • All games will commence at the scheduled time.

  • A forfeit will be declared if 10 minutes of play has passed.

  • When you nominate a team to play in one of our competitions, you are then obligated to play and pay for every round.

  • If your team must forfeit any competition round, the game payment must still be paid. This payment is due when you play your following game. If your team forfeits on the day of the game, you must pay for the other team's game payment also. This payment is due when you play your following game.


  • Game fees must be paid for the season.  It is the captains responsibility to collect the money off all the team members and make payment online or @ the club. 

  • Once we have received your team fees, your team will be put into the draw, 


  • Fill ins will not be covered by our insurance so playing is at their own risk.

  • Players will need to play a minimum amount of games to qualify for finals.

  • If your team plays an unregistered player without prior approval from RC, your team may be deducted 3 competition points.

  • Team managers are responsible for providing up to date registered players lists to The Club

  • At the start of each competition your team must put all players names and signatures on the yellow players card and return to the front desk. Then each week all players that are taking the court must be ticked off on the card. If players are not marked off as playing, they will not be eligible to compete in finals. To be eligible to play in finals, a player must have played at least (4) games during that season and have paid the registration and insurance fees. We strongly advise all teams to qualify extra players for finals, in case of injury or team members that may be away while finals are on. We do not allow unqualified players on the court in finals.



    Multi Sport rules PDF
    Indoor Soccer rules

    Code of conduct

    • Encourage children to always play by the rules

    • Encourage your children to participate for their interests, not your own interests

    • Reduce your child’s emphasis on winning. Instead, emphasize the enjoyment of playing team sports

    • Always treat the other players, coaches, and officials with respect – everyone at the Club is here to have fun, learn, and enjoy indoor social sports

    • Do not undermine the efforts of other players. Instead, show support for all efforts made by all the players, and help create a positive atmosphere

    • Cooperate with and show respect for the supervisors at the arena at all times

    • We incorporate a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding abuse, rage, or inappropriate behavior towards players, coaches, referees, spectators, supervisors or any managers at the arena

    • Always use the facilities and equipment provided with care

    • Understand and abide by the game & club rules at all times when playing

    • Do not argue or excessively question a an official’s call

  • Verbal abuse, including obscene language or derogatory gestures towards any official, will not be tolerated or permitted before, during, or after the game

  • Physical or verbal abuse towards any other player will not be tolerated before, during, or after the game

  • Cooperate with your team mates, opponents, referees and coaches to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of the game

  • Be humble in victory and humble in defeat

  • Remember the reason for playing basketball is for enjoyment of the game, not only to win

  • Always use the facilities and equipment provided with care


  • Respect the efforts of everyone involved with the game

  • Be positive towards and encourage players who make a mistake to keep playing

  • Demonstrate appropriate social behaviour by not using obscene language, harassing players, referees, coaches, supervisors or any managers involved with the game

  • Condemn the use of violence in any form

  • Keep children in your care under control

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