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  • 5 - A - Side Mixed (Max 2 Guys on the court at any time and minimum 1 from each sex)

  • All nets are live and hitting off ONE of the walls is fine.  (I don’t know what live nets are?)

  • Get fit, have fun, and make new friends

  • Prizes for winners and runners up

  • Go into our Monthly Members badge draw

  • End of season parties

  • Wednesday Night games

With less of a focus on rules and skills, rebound volleyball is a fast and fun version of Indoor Volleyball for social teams and players.

Rebound Volleyball is similar to Beach Volleyball and Indoor Volleyball but instead of out lines there are nets to rebound the ball back into play. So no matter what height or skill level you are in volleyball you can get a few rallies going.


Team costs are as follows;
14 week season  - $1,050
This includes insurance for the whole team

Don’t have a team? No problemo, EMAIL US and we will try and place you out into a team.

Come play indoor volleyball

Wednesday Night -MIXED
Social Division

Next Season: Enquire now

Season Duration: 14 weeks

Game Times: 6:30-9:30pm

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