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Indoor Cricket Sydney
Indoor Cricket @ The Rec

Did you know that the Rec Club was purpose built for indoor cricket only? That's right 5 nights a week, we played indoor cricket.

Back in the 80s & early 90s Hype around indoor cricket was huge. It was on it's way to being an Olympic Sport, at a bare minimum a commonwealth sport . Player numbers were booming and as a kids I remember running around indoor centres while Dad and Mum played their mixed indoor cricket games. Since the 80s player numbers have declined to a hardcore few still playing it, they didn't end up making it Olympic sport or commonwealth for that matter, which is a bloody outrage.

Numbers have since been on the up. Sure numbers aren't at the dizzying heights of the 80s, but it's had a bit of a revival of late. With interest soaring at both our Junior & Senior levels.

The beauty of indoor cricket has always been the fact that everyone gets a bat and a bowl and as the name suggests, it's played indoors. Unlike it's older brother outdoor, you can stand around all day in the sun chasing leather, wasting your precious summer away, or even worse games are often washed out (Thanks la nina circa 2021 / 2022) The Rec Club is looking for the next gen to carry the bat-on and we will be running our annual junior indoor cricket competition. We are starting back up in March 2022.


  • Competitions range from Under 8s to Under 16s

  • Register as a team (minimum 6 players) or an individual player

  • Every player bats and bowls

  • Prizes to win every game (e.g hit bullseye for a prize!)

  • All equipment provided

  • Fast paced games make for short and sharp play

STARTS: Monday 14th March

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